Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Test Pattern Done for June

It is warm this morning -- 18C. It is also raining and we have had 1/2" of rain since yesterday afternoon. It is suppose to rain most of today. 


With the dull grey day, we basically stayed inside. The Spousal Unit did visit a neighbor trying to find someone to help with rebuilding our front step and possibly redoing the back deck. 
The Spousal Unit put up a rain gauge and we can see the numbers from the kitchen window and door. The numbers are huge. He got it for Father's Day as he always wanted to know how much rain fell in a storm. 
I kept puttering at the housework. Doing a room a day helps keep things in order. I also go around and sweep the floors of the rooms that are clean. I also tidy up some each day which is helpful. Today is kitchen day and it may be a two day job. 


I finished up the test pattern and it turned out cute. There were several mistakes the lady has to fix. When it is published I will post a picture of it. 
The zipper in the top is still an issue. I couldn't get it opened and when I tugged up on it, the slider came off. I need to buy a bunch of top closures for when I shorten separating zippers. Not sure if I will replace the zipper or not. 
The other thing I must remember to do is move my needle to the right 1 or 2 steps so the 1/4" is just under a 1/4" I forgot and the outfit just fits this doll. If she gains an ounce it will be too tight. 
The last Edwardian dress is cut out. It is called Rainy Day dress which is appropriate due to our weather. The fabric is
The polka dot and the faded looking print above/beside it. The dress is polka dot and the trim is the pale print. Job #1 is to do the pleats on the bodice. This is outfit #3 with pleats. 
Wren Feathers picture
I am looking forward to finishing the sew along and getting back to the shirt and doll's dress I had planned way back in early June. 


I decided to finish up the Russian dress before I cast on the next project or two. I am 7 rows from completion and it seems to take forever to do a row. I am pleased with the dress at this point. The remaining yarn will be knit into a cardigan with beads on it. Just like the red one I made. I will also do the icord up the fronts like before. The beads will be chosen the next time I go shopping as I don't want to use black. Too dreary for the grey/green yarn. 
The second project will be a lacy longer sweater. I have two colors in that size yarn one being grey and the other may be a lovely dusty blue. 


Once I finish the kitchen I will be doing the pleats on the Edwardian dress. There are plenty of them to do. I also hope to finish the Russian dress tonight. 
Until the next time.........................

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