Sunday, June 17, 2018

A Great Accidental Find

Other than a small rain shower, yesterday was a lovely sunny day. The high got to about 26C. Today is clear and should be that warm also. 


I have been under the weather the past several days. Though I am still doing things in the house, I've been tired and rested the latter part of the day. I am hoping to feel better. 
I have been doing housework and have even cleaned windows. They are pretty clean considering they haven't been touched since we moved in. I haven't done the windows around the door and once done, I will try to hang up some black out curtain material to keep the hot sun out in the late afternoon. We run the ceiling fans a lot and the a/c some. As it gets warmer, the a/c will have to be run more during the day. 


I finished the top I am testing and it looks really quite nice. The fit is perfect on the doll. There are only two of us testing the pattern and the other tester is done. I will push forward on the pants today. 
The Edwardian dress is printed and the fabric is picked. I hope to sew it on Monday. This is the last outfit and then I can work on other items for sale. I am making a list and will stick to it once I am done. I will only be a pattern tester in the future which is one pattern a month. No more sew alongs. 
When I started on the Edwardian Sew Along, I wanted to make a flower head band for the first outfit. I have hunted for a pattern and saw none I cared for. Yesterday I was planning an outfit and the pattern I want to use has one. 
I was thrilled to find it. You use pipe cleaners and small flowers. The dress is Butterick 6431
My plan is to make it using a larger flowered print but it could end up with a subtle print with a flower wreath for a hair piece. We wait and see as I am still thinking on how to accessorize the outfit. 


I started to knit the Billie Baby Jacket once again. I am 3.5 rows from finishing the body and still have the sleeves to do. I ran out of yarn so can't proceed until I get another skein. It is in white and I will make leggings and a t-shirt to go with it. I also may make the lacy newsboy hat to complete the outfit. I would love to sew a hobo bag to go with this outfit. 
The Russian dress is coming more slowly now. I am nearing row 30 and each time I am increasing, I add 36 more stitches on the needle. It takes time to knit all those stitches. Thank goodness I have a series of videos to watch while I knit. 
My next two knits are a lacy sweater and a lovely bolero  for the Gotz dolls. I am thinking the sweater in grey and will build an outfit around it. When done, I will up the size of the needle and make it for the American Girl dolls. The bolero will be in white to go with dresses I want to make. I have sworn off knit alongs unless I truly love the pattern and can see making it more than once. 
I will also have to knit other items for Christmas gifts this year so will have to cast on one item to knit when the dress is done. I don't mind having two projects on the go at one time. I alternate between the two. 


This morning is work on the blog and a few other things at the table. Then it will be sewing in the afternoon and Father's Day dinner with family. I hear they are smoking ribs for dinner. I need to eat carefully at noon so I can have a few ribs for dinner. 
Until the next time..........................

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