Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Happiness in the Sewing Room

Yesterday was somewhat cooler with the high getting to -4C or 20F. The wind was quite cold and we were put under a snowfall warning for during the night. And it snowed last night and I think I have 3" to shovel off the driveway first thing this morning. 


With not a lot to do, the Spousal Unit and I spent most of the day in the basement only to surface to have our meals or to do laundry. 
The Spousal Unit worked on a puzzle and though discouraged with his progress in the morning, he was happy with it in late afternoon. 


I worked on the knitting bag for Daughter-in-law yesterday and got the outer part completed. 
There is a pocket on each end of the bag with it divided down the middle. 
The front has two pockets; one taller than the other. It is divided into thirds. 
The back has a lot of narrow pockets on it for needles or what ever you wish to put in them. I gave it a good pressing to make sure all the seam allowances are nice and flat. 
I followed the instructions carefully and measured each pocket, marked the stitch line and sewed it down with back stitching and a fix stitch at the top of each pocket. 
The lining and the pockets for the lining are cut out. All that is left to cut out is the top trim and the handles. To date, the bag has used:

  • 1.3 meters of balls of yarn fabric for the main part and lining of the bag.
  • .8 meter of lambs knitting for the pockets for main part and lining of the bag.
  • .6 meter of Armo fleece to stiffen the main part of the bag.

There are very few scraps left and I doubt if they will be kept for long. 


The 10 rows left to knit on the first sock turned out to be 20 rows to get 8" for leg length. 
Here it is with 50 rows knit on Sunday night when I quit for the night. The second sock is set up and 11 rows knit on it. I am pleased with how fast these socks are being knit. I try to knit some at noon and then in the evening. Goal is to be done by mid February. 


I have to go to the doctors this morning and I am hoping to sew the pockets on to the lining this afternoon. I will have to shovel snow as we are to have snow all day today. I get my exercise in today. 
Until the next time...................

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