Sunday, January 14, 2018

Knitting Success

Friday we had a high of 17C which is about 64F. It cooled off to 15C for Saturday which is about 59F. We were in the midst of a rain and wind warning with our temperatures cooling off to -3C overnight. Not far below freezing which is okay. We did have snow overnight but the most precipitation was 5 mm of rain yesterday. 


We were to the doctor's on Friday and the Spousal Unit's lungs are in much better condition. He got his flu and pneumonia shots. He is still on the 2 inhalers for at least 2 more weeks. He is improving which is nice but he has the lovely dry cough we all had. 
I am improving though I am still coughing. I am also not sleeping as well as I would like to. Still weak when I have to go out and shop. It takes it right out of me. But, I am much better than a week ago. It will just take time to get over it. 


I am tracking the cutting table and it should be here Jan. 19. Once it is here, I will have to assemble it. That could be fun. But, it allows me to start sewing projects. 


Anna's short cape is done and ready to be blocked. It fits her very well but I am still a bit confused about the tension. 

Once blocked, I will put ribbon in the holes at the neck. I am hoping I have white organza ribbon for it. 
I set up another Messy Bun Hat for Daughter. This time the color is Pearly which is grays and off white. I did 2" of ribbing prior to starting the pattern. I am pleased with the results so far. 
The pattern is very easy to follow and I enjoy knitting it in the evenings or when I am tired. 
Next on the needles will be socks for Grandson. The child has one pair of hand knit socks that fit him. I will be making him one pair for sure. 


I need to fold laundry, wash some fabric, and cut up cardboard to bundle. Cutting cardboard could be the most interesting project of the day as I am not good at this. But it is recycling on Thursday and the job has to be done. 
Until the next time....................

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