Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Was I Smart or Was I Crazy?

The weather is warming up and is above freezing this morning. It is suppose to be cool tonight and then warming up to rain and then freezing rain this weekend. The weather has been crazy and we keep wondering what will happen next. 


My goal yesterday was to clean off our driveway by hand. I spent about an hour taking off 1.5" of fluffy snow. I coughed and I hacked my way down the driveway and realized that I was the only person out shoveling. Was I smart or was I crazy? 
I know I was exhausted when I was finished and slept for a good hour. It certainly was more than I should have done. And there is more waiting for me today if I should desire to shovel more snow. 
I did get the guest room ready to vacuum. There wasn't a lot to be done in there. I did launder the sheets on our bed and by the time it was made, I was exhausted. I sat in the recliner and stayed up until 8 p.m. As long as I could last. 
The Spousal Unit was sick this morning and is resting quietly now. Part of the problem is lying too flat on his back and the fluids build up in his lungs and bronchial tubes. When he gets rid of all that fluid, he feels exhausted but better. He is dozing off and on this morning. 
My coughing is worse as I am bringing up the dregs in my bronchial tubes. I do have a bit more energy each day which is nice. I am hoping I will be over this in another week. 


I have to shop and pay a couple of bills. I plan on doing some, come home, check on the Spousal Unit and then do more. If I have to half today and the rest tomorrow, that is what will happen. It all depends on my energy level.
Until the next time.....................

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