Thursday, February 01, 2018

Fussy Cutting

The weather here is back to storms. On Tuesday night, I listened to freezing rain fall and it turned to snow during the night. The wind gusted and there was drifted snow in the morning. People called it a blizzard but I claim it was another snow storm. 
The back porch was the worst and it is deeper to the left of the door. Poor Elliott had issues looking outside. 


On Tuesday night I looked out the window and saw the moon in its glory. I stood and admired it as I thought we wouldn't see it last night. The forecast said snow. We did get to watch it come up over the horizon and again before we went to bed. It was so bright, we could see our backyard as if it was just before sunrise. A Blue Moon that was bright orange. 
Yesterday morning, we had to get the snow blower out and do the driveway. The berm at the end of the driveway was quite deep. I man handled the snow blower and the Spousal Unit used the shovel and cleared areas for guidelines. In a half an hour we were done and both of us were lightly coated with snow from the snow blower. 
I had a successful night at Weight Watchers. I am down a total of 11.6 pounds and 5% of my body weight. I am happy with the loss and know it will slow down as I am now on a lower dose of thyroid medication. 


After a busy morning, I did get to sew in the afternoon. I put the top trim on the bag on Tuesday and loved how it looked.  That meant fabric 3 was cut into. I also did the pockets on the lining pieces. 
Yesterday I sewed the lining together and cut out the handles. The handles were completely fussy cut so I could get the perfect look for this bag. The bag is complete to the final pressing, a bit of top stitching and some hand sewing. 
A peek at the fussy cut handles. 
January 31 -- fabric cut 5.5 meters. I am very happy with that as there were many road blocks during the month that kept me out of the sewing room. 


I am merrily knitting row after row on the socks for Grandson. I have 20 rows left to go before I start the heels on both of the socks. Since I made him his last socks a year ago, his feet have grown a good inch or more. Though I said no yarn purchases, I have enough wool for 2 more pairs of socks for him and then will have to purchase more of his favorite wool. 


We have to clean up the driveway as the weather is changing to warmer and rain. The less snow on the driveway, the less ice we will get when it turns cool on Friday. I would like to finish the knitting bag and the 20 rows on the second sock. We don't have to be out and about today so a perfect day to finish a project. 
Until the next time.......................

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