Thursday, January 11, 2018

Up And Almost At It

We are starting three days of warm weather. We get to see +8C/46F, +12C/54F, and +14C/57F for the end of this week. With it comes rain and the snow will disappear. They haven't said how much rain will fall on Saturday but it is suppose to rain. 


Yesterday was clean upstairs day. I got the Spousal Unit out of bed so I could do our bedroom. He had a good day sitting up and napping after lunch in his recliner. 
I always think that it is quite moist here in Nova Scotia but I realized our house is quite dry. The dehumidifier hasn't run for a while and Son said theirs hasn't also. So I started up the warm air humidifier in our bedroom and I feel it helped us sleep much better. We woke up about 6 hours after we went to bed to have our first coughing spell. Then it was a good 4 hours after that. I feel we are on the mend; me faster than him. But he is improving. 
The upstairs is basically cleaned up. I vacuumed and mopped floors, dusted and wiped down a lot of surfaces. When done, I was tired but not exhausted. I rested so I wouldn't get ill again. I do not want to relapse. 
Daughter and I went to Weight Watchers. I wasn't sure if I would loose weight but the scales went down 2.3 pounds. I'll take it and run. Portion control and not wanting to cook or eat helped out this week. For the next week, it will be more portion control and moving around. 


I spent a couple of minutes in the sewing room looking at what was in the tubs. I need to focus several hours on putting fabric away. Hopefully I can do it this morning. 
I am also in the process of ordering the cutting table so I can start sewing. I feel well enough to think about it and moving forward with my projects. 


Though I didn't get out my knitting, I did think about it and should start knitting while I am resting. The short cape needs to be completed and another hat started for Daughter. She loves the one I made her for Christmas. 


The goal is to unpack fabric and to get it organized on the shelves. I also would love to get the car washed. I need to get the salt off it. Let's hope I can get the jobs done.
Until the next time...................

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