Friday, January 19, 2018

A Lot of Snow to Remove

After almost 48 hours of snow, it turned cool again. At 7:30 a.m., it is -15C or 5F. It is suppose to be a bit warmer over the next week with very little snow in the forecast. 


With the Spousal Unit feeling much better, he decided he should start the snowblower and clean the 6" of snow off our driveway. This was brought about by daughter-in-law saying not to shovel as it was heavy wet snow. 
Amidst the arguing and wading through a foot or more of snow, we finally got the snow blower started. The Spousal Unit blew a path from the shed to the driveway and did one pass. He was tired. I took over manhandling the beast and got the driveway cleared in 90 minutes. The Spousal Unit did a bit of shoveling and sweeping. And he was tired and upset and went into the house. 
I came in shortly after that soaking wet from sweating and quite tired. Nothing had been cleaned up or put away. Daughter-in-law came over at noon and helped me get everything put away and the buildings locked up. She left Grandson with us and went shopping and back home to work. Son was at home dealing with some work issues. Us doing our driveway was good thing. 
We are thinking of buying a new snowblower at the end of the season. We will see what the clearance prices are before we actually do it. 
Grandson played outside at our place by himself for an hour. He ran and jumped into the snow piled up in our ditch. 
He would fall into the ditch and lay in the snow. 
He had his friends come over for about 30 minutes of playtime and when I brought him in for snack, his blood sugar was low. It was dealt with and out the door he went to play again. I am sure he slept well last night. All the schools are open today. I'm sure there are mixed feelings about school work vs play in some children's minds. 


No sewing was done yesterday as the snow had to be blown, grandson was here and the garage needed to be tidied up a bit. 
The cutting table is calling me and I will get at it today. 


I worked on the black turtleneck sweater yesterday. The ribbing for the turtleneck is done and 13 rows of the body have been completed. I enjoy knitting it sitting beside the living room windows. Three more rows and I will see which doll it fits the best: Anna or Kate. 


I need to head out and do a small grocery shopping and check on our living room furniture's delivery date. Then it is home to put the cutting table together. It is too cold for us to be outside doing anything. The Spousal Unit is feeling better but we still need to take care of his respiratory system. Sucking in cold air is not part of the plan.
Until the next time.....................

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