Monday, January 29, 2018

Kwik Sew 182 Knitting Bag Started

After a lovely warm day yesterday, this morning the temperature is 0C with a heavy snow warning starting tonight. We enjoyed the warm weather yesterday by zipping outside several times. 


Yesterday morning we spent time putting away tools and getting items off the ledge and into their correct spots. It is nice to see the items going into their correct places and the clutter becoming less. 
I set up the printer and wanted to get it hooked up to the internet. I followed the instructions and every time I put in the password, I would get a message saying it was incorrect. After an hour of trying many things, I typed a very detailed search into Google and it showed me what to do. 5 minutes later and we were good to go. It was totally not what I had had to do at our previous homes. 


Thanks to our fabulous Daughter-in-law, the sewing room is set up. 
Looking in the door, you can see where I sew. I turned the table 90 degrees from the wall so I am not sewing into my shadow. Works very well. 
Looking from my sewing machine, you can see that everything is set up so I am not working in shadows. It all fits in perfectly. There is a place for my jewelry making by the stash. I do need a light for that area. The tubs need to go to the shed and it may happen today. 
I have a chair in the sewing room so the Spousal Unit can sit and read or nap. I can also use it when I am reading patterns or looking at books. 
In all I am pleased with how the sewing room looks. 
I started sewing yesterday afternoon. 
The fabric is balls of yarn for the main part and sheep for the pockets.
I made sure that the knitting needles are going up as it surprised me to see the fabric was directional.
I have the bag body and lining cut out and the Armo fleece attached to the body pieces. I got way too much Armo fleece so the next reusable grocery bags will be lined with it. 
Next up is to cut out the pocket pieces and put interfacing on them and the bag lining pieces. After that comes some intense sewing and cutting out the handles and top trim. Some fussy cutting is going to happen on those pieces. 


I knit on Grandson's socks and have 6" (30 rows) knit on the first leg. Ten more rows and the leg will be done. Then I start the second sock. I like to knit each part of the sock on both socks prior to starting the next step. Works best for me. 


We are home today so I plan on doing some housework, some sewing and some knitting. If it starts to snow, I will be out shoveling the driveway. 
Until the next time.....................

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