Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Coming to Accept

After a gorgeous sunny day yesterday, we are having snow this morning. The temperatures are to rise and the snow will turn to rain; lots of rain until tomorrow morning. 


Yesterday was spent house cleaning in preparation for the new couch arriving this morning. In the afternoon, we went for a drive exploring a bit of the country after mailing Daughter's hat to her. It was a lot of fun.
Last night was a bad night as the Spousal Unit didn't go to sleep but fussed and fretted over a multitude of things. He slept, woke up, fretted, and then slept again. I fear, but have come to accept, he is in the very early stages of dementia. Chemo, two bouts of pneumonia, and a couple of infections has probably brought it on. Right now it is important to keep him on a schedule so he can function well both in the day and sleep at night. I am learning that I need to rest when he rests so I am not exhausted. 
Grandson is coming over this morning as there is no school due to the snow. He and I will shovel the snow off the driveway. I don't want it to turn to ice when the couch arrives. 


I worked on the Oscar ball gown yesterday. The lining was pressed, the tulle added to the bottom and it sewn in at the neckline to the dress. It now needs to be clipped, turned, pressed and the lining sewn together at the back. 
I had misplaced the neckline trim for the dress and after looking high and low, I found it. It and some trim need to be hand sewn onto the dress to finish it off. I look forward to completing this outfit and officially say the first meter of 50 is sewn. 
Next on the agenda is a knitting bag for Daughter. It is her Christmas present. 


I picked up the stitches and have the first sleeve almost done on the black turtleneck sweater. I need to count the number of rows I knit so both sleeves are the same length. I pretty much have the pattern figured out to knit matching sweaters for Kate. The needles need to be one size larger than what I am using for the black sweater. 
When done, it will be time to knit socks. I will get a yarn swift so I can make the skeins of yarns into balls. 


What gets done depends on how much energy I have. I need to fold laundry and vacuum the bedrooms and clean the bathroom. Snow needs shoveling and the living room needs to be set up. I will pace myself according to my energy levels. Vacuuming the bedrooms and cleaning the bedrooms can be done tomorrow. 

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