Sunday, January 07, 2018

Slightly Improved (We Hope)

It is cold outside. The temperature is -17C or 2F with a windchill of -26C or -14F. The wind is coming in from the WSW. We are suppose to start crawling out of the polar vortex today. And with that comes snow. Better to have snow than cold weather. 


I think we had the H3N2 flu in our area. It was suppose to start hitting hard at the beginning of Christmas and it did in our families. For some friends, it hit before that time line and for others just after the Christmas holidays. 
For the Spousal Unit and Daughter-in-Law's family, the flu turned into pneumonia and bronchitis. The Spousal Unit is still in bed with his though he tries to get up for half of each day. The coughing is the worst and his lungs are rattling with fluid. He is on two inhalers for it. 
I am starting to feel better. I am up, showered and dressed. The kitchen is clean and I am ready to tackle the dining area of the house. A load of laundry is on and I will be folding laundry this afternoon. It feels good to be human again even if I need to have a nap this morning. I am still coughing but it isn't as bad as it was. 
Elliott has managed well with us sick. He would remind me to get up and feed him at regular intervals and slept most of the time with us. No that I am feeling better, he has decided to be a hellion. He doesn't like his food, he goes to a spot in the house and hollers for us to come and find him and is decidedly miserable. I'm trying to spend some time with him but it doesn't seem to be satisfying him. 
With being so sick, I haven't thought about knitting or sewing. Hopefully next week will have be back doing more of that. 
Until the next time....................

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