Monday, January 15, 2018

Do What You Want To Do

Yesterday we saw the trend towards cooler weather. The temperature dropped all day and this morning it was -7C or 19F. There is very little wind but what little there is, is coming from the North. 


Yesterday, I cut up cardboard and bundled it for recycling pick up this week. It was great to get it off the floor and ready to be put out Wednesday night. Recycling in Nova Scotia is so different where you must put your recycling into specific clear bags and bundle cardboard. And they pick them up which is really nice. 
I have been on Weight Watchers for almost two weeks. I am enjoying the food I am making for us to eat. I do snitch a bit of treats once in a while but only one or two pieces. I have not gained back the 6.5 pounds I lost while sick and I am still loosing. Can't wait to see what the scales say on Wednesday. 
We slept well last night. The first part of the night was spent coughing but I woke up to the alarm ringing at 2 am to give the Spousal Unit his inhaler. He woke briefly to take it and we both fell asleep for another 4 hours. I am hoping this is the road to recovery. We both need to be well and enjoy ourselves once again 


I sewed yesterday and it felt so good. I had taken out the Oscar dress to finish and I decided to put the zipper in the back. I carefully basted it in and stitched it down. It was a job well done. 
The skirt is a tulip skirt and is really cute but I do know I probably won't make this pattern again unless under duress. It is a lot of work and would be a one of a kind that would be expensive to sell. 
I am now ready to sew up the side seams and cut out the lining. There is a lot of hand stitching to be done on this dress but I know I can get it done if I sew for a couple of hours each day. 
When the dress is done, I have a Halloween wall hanging to finish and then I can start on projects. But......
I keep thinking "Am I being creative enough?" "Should I do something else?" I have what it takes to teach courses but I'm not wanting to go there. Do I want to quilt like others in our new community? No. That I am adamant about. So, I turned back to my goals for sewing. I feel comfortable with them and will continue on with sewing up the stash, doing coursework to improve my sewing for adults, dolls, and crafts. 
I am going to put a tub in the sewing room and as I finish a project, I will bag it up and put it in the tub. I will keep track of the meters I sew and who I sew them for. I will not beat myself up for doing or being who am instead of being someone I am not. I am not eclectic nor am I dramatic. I am down to earth and am looking to dress that way. I like to quietly do my thing in the sewing room. So I end today's drama in my head with Do What You Want To Do. Keep with the plan you mapped out rather than follow what others think you should do.


 I knit quite a bit yesterday while I was resting. The pattern is easy to follow and, though I did make a couple of mistakes, I got about half of the hat done by bedtime. Daughter loves the color way as she has several jackets in the grey and lilac tones. 
I may make this as a hat for myself if the colors go well with the coat I made last year. I am still thinking of making the dolls hats using this pattern. So simple but elegant. 


I need to do laundry and I want to sew. I have a few days to decide if I want to take a course on designing doll clothes. With recovery comes the desire to do things once again. 
Until the next time........................

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