Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Meeting Goals?

We had 2" or more of snow fall last night. The temperature is remaining steady at -5C or 23F. It is forecasted that 2" more snow will fall on Wednesday, then warm up to above freezing temperatures. 


We are slowly getting well. I am almost back to normal though I do cough periodically. I still get tired easily but am getting stronger as time goes on. 
The Spousal Unit is farther behind me. He is coughing but it is a drier cough. He is also very tired especially if he puts in a rough night. I notice he gets agitated if he gets too tired. But he is on the road to recovery. 
Yesterday was basically an inside day. The Spousal Unit did wander outside twice and said it was cold out there. I am sure it was him as he hasn't been outside much since Dec. 27. I did go into the garage a couple of times and it was cool. I enjoyed that as I find the house too warm. 

Meeting Goals

  • Loosing Weight

Having made the commitment to loose weight, I am doing well. I have gotten out the measuring utensils and am trying to follow the plan as carefully as possible. This is a lifestyle change and I need to remember that. Being sick helped me think about portions as I could not eat a lot when I started to feel better. Daughter-in-law and I are supporting each other which is helpful. 
Have not started walking but I did shovel the driveway twice and will be doing it again today. Hope that counts as activity. 

  • Budgeting

As I was sick, I did not start a budget but will try to do it in the next couple of weeks. I need to get Son to help me find the program and start. We have lived well within our means here but it is nice to see it on screen. It keeps us accountable. 

  • Sewing

I am foraging back into sewing and am working on a couple of UFO's before I start a new project. I had to cut out a doll's dress lining on the ironing board yesterday and realized how much I miss a cutting table. The new one will be here on Thursday or Friday.  I will be watching Craftsy courses while I am sewing craft items and I plan on taking a course on designing doll clothes. It is one of two courses I want to take. 
Garment sewing is going to be harder for me as I am moving towards denim colored items. I have lots of red, purple, black, and some grey in the stash. In the interim, the goal is to sew up these colors and let them go while I loose weight. Then I will bring in the colors I want for a new wardrobe one project at a time. I want my wardrobe to be simple; t-shirts, a few woven tops, jeans, and a few knit items. I would love to sew myself a winter coat but that remains to be seen. The look is what I call Country Casual. 
I am looking forward to starting on making slopers for Daughter-in-law and myself. As I feel better, the urge is there to do this. I need to buy some paper and do a bit of preliminary work prior to measuring us up. 
I joined a group to sew up 50 meters/yards of fabric this year. I am on the first meter which is great. I am hoping this group keeps me accountable to sew what I own and not buy more. To date, I have not bought any fabric. Three notions I needed did come home with me and I am fine with that. 

  • Knitting

I am back to knitting again and will be working through the wool stash the best I can. If I have to buy yarn for a project, it must be the next item going onto my needles. Otherwise it can stay in the store. I have enough yarn for both the dolls and family. 
My big purchase for knitting will be a yarn swift. The swift holds the skein while you wind it into a ball. I can get one at a local yarn shop. I seem to buy more skeins of yarn as I am gravitating towards more expensive yarns. I will be sorting my knitting needles and writing up a list of the ones I still need for my collection. 
I am still planning my goals as I do not want them to become wishes. 


I have to get outside and shovel the snow. We have grandson coming at noon for a few hours as Son and Daughter-in-law have to got for son's eye appointment. He is having issues with one eye and they want to find out why. 
Until the next time.......................

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