Friday, January 12, 2018

Stash On Shelves

We are in the midst of the warm spell. It got up to 11C yesterday and it is already 9C this morning. We had rain overnight but not a huge amount. 


We are recovering slowly. The Spousal Unit wanted A&W yesterday and we went out after lunch to get it for his snack. I had nothing as I am watching my points. 
No napping happened during the day but the Spousal Unit was very tired last night. Tired to the point of being very cranky. It also affected his coughing and he put in a restless hour or so after we went to bed. 
The car is washed and the underside rinsed to get all the salt off it. It took me about 30 minutes to do it but I am happy to have that off the list until the next time. After that was done, we visited for a half hour with our Son. Trying to get out of the house so we don't get cabin fever too bad. 
Elliott had a rough day also. He couldn't settle for sleep and ended up being very whiny. He fell asleep on my lap last night for a good hour prior to going to bed. 

He can be such a baby when he is tired. 


Yesterday morning, I put away all the fabrics but one tub. Said tub is full of fabric for doll clothes. It was hard work as I am weak. I sweat and had to sit down several times to get my energy back. 
It isn't perfect but I can see it all and start on projects. I have plenty to keep me busy for a while. The closet is full but mostly of batting, pillow forms, and doll's fabric. As I sew, I will keep track of how much fabric I am using up and see if I can get lots off those shelves and out of the closet. 
As a reward and that I could still think, I ordered the new cutting table. It will arrive about Jan. 23. By then I should be ready to put it together and start cutting out projects. You can see it here.


I am almost ready to pick up the needles again. I looked at the bag but it just didn't happen yesterday. Maybe today. 


The Spousal Unit has to see the doctor after lunch. Unless he needs a prescription, it will be home for a nap. If a prescription is needed, I will drop it off, take him home and go back to get it. I will buy some groceries at that time. We are expecting heavy rainfall tonight and tomorrow and it could be interesting. The ground is frozen and can't absorb all the moisture. The temperature is dropping so we can expect ice on the roads. 
Until the next time........................

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