Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Fall Colours

Though the temperatures have been normal, the storms brewing around us haven't been. Sunday morning was the coolest morning yet at 11.3C or 52F. That was refreshing when I walked out in it to go to work. This morning we are hearing thunder rumbling around us and there are rain/hail warnings at higher elevations.


I have finished up 5 days of work in which 3 of them were crazy busy. I do work today as I need an extra day off next week. If possible, I want to clean up a bit and place an order. If not, I will be unloading a truck.
I have been very good with my eating habits and have walked a lot this past week at work. I lost 2.7 pounds and am down 15 pounds in the past 4 weeks. Goal exceeded for month 1. New goal set for month 2.


I have been in the sewing room only to put in one more bag of fabric. It is another paisley in a turquoise. I do love paisley prints and would love to find more of it for my wardrobe (and the doll's too).
As I am not sleeping the evenings away, I have been looking at the top 10 colours for fall. The colours don't always excite me as there is usually none I like. But this fall I found three I liked from their site.
The first three colours caught my eye immediately. I love the blues and will be buying a lighter chambray to go with the darker I bought. Jeans fit into my lifestyle and will go with those blues also. And I have this yarn.
I can make a 6 PAC out of the blues and infuse it with my shade of red if necessary.


I am working a full day and then I have two days off. I may need to start picking out what I want for my clothes for fall.
Until the next time..................

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