Thursday, August 04, 2016

Sewing Western Wear for the Doll

Yesterday was another warm day with a high of 30.6C or 87F. Right in our normal range. It has been a cooler summer than last year but we are happy about that.


Yesterday was a busy day as we had to shop for groceries, get prescriptions, and buy a few items for the renovations. I also was to the respiratory therapist for my yearly check up. It was a good visit and I am now waiting for a new CPAP machine.


I did get into the sewing room and worked on the chaps and jeans for the doll. They are one piece but are really cute.
Though not sewn together, you get the idea of what they will look like. The belt is a 3/8" wide piece of leather and I found a tiny buckle at work to use.
I now need to sew the yoke onto the pants/chaps and then finish up. That includes:
  • elastic to hold the chaps into the leg seam
  • hemming the pants
  • sewing the inner leg seam
  • Velcro the back closure
  • add crystals to the chaps
Next is a western shirt to go with the outfit.
I have been fooling around with an autumn plan for myself but loosing  weight has me overthinking what I want to make. I am going to bite the bullet and start cutting out tops and some bottoms. I will keep a couple pieces in the stash to make tops when I have reached a certain goal. Other than that I have to make a move and start sewing. My wardrobe is pretty slim.


I am home and plan on doing laundry and cleaning out the kitchen pantry and moving a few things around. The afternoon will be sewing and then getting a new light for the sewing room. I am back to work tomorrow and am starting the next 5 days in a row.
Until the next time.......................

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