Thursday, August 11, 2016

Chaps Done and Vest Started

Yesterday was a sunny day with the temperature getting to 28.5C or 83F. Today is the first day of the temperatures going into the 30C range so everything will grow and ripen in the garden quickly.


Elliott got weighed yesterday and he lost maybe an ounce. The vet clinic was happy that his weight went down not up. We have cut his night food back by a bit to help him loose a bit more in the next month.
I am still loosing weight. Yesterday, was a day I could have gone off my eating healthy foods. I drooled for chocolate but refrained as I can pull my jeans down over my hips while done up. I walked by all the candies and got over it. I did eat a bit of cheese last night as I was hungry.


I finished the jeans with the attached chaps. They were another labour intensive project.
Next will be the shirt. I have tiny crystals in the same colour that I can put on the yoke of the shirt to glam it up.
I traced the pattern for the vest I am making. Then I laid the fabric on the floor and cut it out. All of the pieces but three are cut out of one layer of fabric. The back pieces are cut on the fold. Trying to get the plaid matched up was the hardest as it didn't want to cooperate. I am ready to sew it up today.
Confession -- I made it one size smaller so I can wear it this winter.


I am home again today. I want to sew on the vest and then will be out for a bit getting my hair cut. My focus is to finish the vest as it has to be hung in the store on Monday.
Until tomorrow.......................

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  1. You are doing so good with your weight loss. Has your A1C levels gone down also. We just got home yesterday from a week in Penticton. Went there for Peachfest, really good entertainment in the evenings. I gained 5 pounds. Too much eating out! Had some cucumbers and yellow beans from the garden today. One tomato almost ripe. Enjoy your sewing in smaller sizes. That is such a nice feeling rather than sewing a size bigger.