Friday, August 12, 2016

The Vest

It got to 30.6C or 87F yesterday. That is about 8C cooler than last year. It is suppose to be in the mid 30C for the next few days which will help the fruit and vegetables ripen nicely.


Our part of the street is being ripped up and we will be without water for the better part of the day. The sewer, water, and storm drains are being upgraded prior to the road being rebuilt and paved. The Spousal Unit loves to sit outside and watch the machinery and the workers love to talk to him. A win-win situation.
We got the first board up in the guest room yesterday. Putting the wall back together where the valance was has begun. When completed, the sewing room is next on the list. When all four rooms are done, a friend will come in to do the painting.
The weight continues to drop off. This morning I am down a total of 20.7 pounds in 5.5 weeks. My last A1C was in the good range (5.9) and my next one is done in September. I hope it is down a bit more.
Yesterday was a rough day for me. I was starving, cranky, and emotional. I could have eaten all day long. But I didn't. I am fine today.


I sewed on the vest for the vast majority of the day. I have some under stitching to remove, a pleat to stitch down, and the arm and hem facings to put on. It will then be ready for buttonholes and buttons.
I do like it enough that I may make it again in the future. This fabric gives it a very casual look which is what I want.


I work the afternoon/evening shift. I hope to have the vest ready for buttons before I go.
Until the next time..................


  1. I am impressed with your weight loss. And the vest looks amazing! Love the plaid. Should be able to make great use of it this winter. Weightwatchers did not work for me. Now am not sure what to do.

  2. Congratulations on your weight loss and the vest. So pleased for you that you were able to persevere through a tough day and keep the goal in mind.
    The vest looks great and will be a nice layer to add as it cools!

  3. The best looks great. Really like the colors. Keep up the diet thing, there will be rough days but you are through the worst in that you can now see the results.