Saturday, August 20, 2016


Yesterday was a gorgeous day with a high of 33C or 91.5F. We must be getting use to it as we don't complain about it being hot. We just monitor how much we are outside in the heat.
The sky looked gorgeous last night and I had to snap a couple of pictures of it.


I had to take the Spousal Unit to the hospital yesterday for a biopsy on his back. The procedure takes a few minutes but the waiting takes 50 times longer. He had to be frozen and then wait his turn.
We got done near lunch time so we headed to McDonald's for lunch. I was well behaved and had a grilled chicken burger and 6 small fries. After that we went to another grocery store and did a bit of shopping and a lot of looking. Got home around 2 p.m.
The road crew finished work early yesterday and it was quiet out there. You don't realize how quiet until they shut down all the equipment and leave. No noise until Monday. Bliss in our minds. But WRONG!! They are at it again at 7:15 a.m.
My weight is still going downwards. I am amazed that it is coming off easily. This morning I found a new set of numbers which was exciting.


I emptied more out of the sewing room yesterday. It got put into our bedroom as we are running out of space in the living room.
I went through the yarn and got some ready to donate and threw out some small balls of orphan yarn. The empty containers got sewing books in them for the time being. The closet is almost empty but not quite. Another day and it will be done.
I decided to write a tutorial on how to make cushion covers my way. It is a combination of reading and experimenting. It will be done in two parts. My feature fabric is
Minions for Grandson's game room. Each meter (40") of fabric will make him 2 - 18" cushions.
This is the beginning of a bunch of simple projects that I left on the table. I can put down part of the cutting table and still cut out the squares and rectangles of fabrics to make these projects. The vast majority is reusable grocery bags and small bags to put stocking stuffers into.


I work today -- the first of three days before my next day off. I have a feeling it will be a busy day doing a wide variety of things.
Until the next time.......................

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  1. You have a view of mountains! How fantastic.

    Your cushion cover tutorial is timed well for me - I am planning a cushion for a friend and contemplating making some cushions in Christmas fabrics for my sitting room.