Friday, August 26, 2016

Pick a Fabric, Sew it, and Repeat

Yesterday was a warm day with a high of 32.2C or 90F. Today is suppose to be warmer and then it will cool down again. Our story this summer.


We stayed home yesterday and it was so nice. I did three loads of laundry, a bit of house work, and sewed.
Our afternoon was exciting though. The big excavator ruptured the gas line across the street and two houses down. I heard the loud hissing noise of the gas and thought it was the egg poacher. It wasn't that and I ventured outside to get the story. Our street got busy for the next couple of hours.

In all we had two police cars, the fire truck, and five Fortis gas trucks on our street. It took about 45 minutes to get the gas shut off and another hour to repair the pipe. We weren't evacuated or given an evacuation notice but the people on the corner were. It turned out the gas line was buried 7" above where it was suppose to be.
We talked to Son and family last night about their trip to Nova Scotia and it sounds like they had a great time seeing the area. They had a seafood cook out with a friend who lives in Truro and they raved about how good it was.


I sewed off and on in the sewing room all day and it was so nice to do that.
First thing in the morning, I hauled out this fabric.

Daughter-in-Law uses @frogger for everything. Before I knew it, the handles were made.
And before lunch, the grocery bag was finished.
After lunch and a short break, I started on the doll's western shirt. I spent some time figuring out how to match the pattern, make the front band on the bias and start sewing it.
This shirt has a collar and collar band. When I stopped for the day, I had gotten what I wanted done and the sleeves cut out ready to make. The sleeves have a placket and cuffs so some more tiny sewing has to be done. Next - order the cowboy boots.
I have to say that I am enjoying sewing from the pile on the cutting table. I pick a fabric, sew it and repeat.


I am back to work for the next 5 days.
Until the next time...................

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  1. The doll's shirt is wonderful! The fabric really suits the pattern. I am hoping I can do some sewing like that for my little granddaughters when they get a bit older. I also work part time and find that when I get a day off it feels soooo good. Hope the spousal unit is doing OK