Sunday, August 14, 2016

It's Done

It was warm and calm yesterday. The high was 33.6C or 95.5F. We sat outside twice in the shade and it was warm out there.


It was quiet on our street yesterday. No equipment moving other than the watering truck. It starts again tomorrow for five days.
We were out twice yesterday. The first for groceries, the second a trip to the book store. The Spousal Unit got 3 books and I got one. We used a gift card, got a gift card, and paid 40 cents for our purchase. We had a chuckle over that.


I pushed on and finished the vest by 4 p.m.
I spent quite a bit of time on the finish as I wanted it to look good. The buttons are square to match the check.
While making the vest, I worried about not using interfacing in the front facings but it works. I can see wearing it this winter when it is cold. Right now, I sweat when I think of putting it on. Glad I made it a size smaller.


I work 8 hours -- 3 hours by myself doing books and then on the floor when the store is open for 5 hours. Discounting and ordering will probably be the name of the game.
Until the next time.............................


  1. The finished vest looks great!

  2. I really like it in the blue and black plaid :-)

  3. Inspired by your weight loss I too have joined WW.