Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Cushion Cover Tutorial Part 2

You now have all your pieces cut and are ready to sew up your cushion cover.

Back of Cushion Cover

Press under 1/2" on the 18" side of the cushion cover. Pin in place and press.
Turn right side up and pin the zipper to one of the turned under seam allowances. Pin into place.
Using your zipper foot, stitch the zipper in place back stitching at both ends. I open my zipper about 8", stitch to it, then lift the presser foot and close the zipper. Make sure your needle is in the down position.
With zipper closed, pin the second back section to the zipper making sure both ends are even with the stitched piece.
 Take the front piece and lay it on top of the back right sides facing together.
I took the time to measure to make sure the top piece was 18" square and to determine where I would have to adjust my seam allowance.
After I pinned around the cushion cover, I made sure the bottom zipper tape was pinned as was the top zipper tape was pinned with the zipper closed.
Remove a couple of pins and reach in and open the zipper about 6-8" and pin the opening closed again.
Sew around the cushion cover using 1/2" seam allowance. I back stitched at all four corners and across the zipper top and bottom. Cut the zipper ends off both sides.
Cut the corners diagonally. Open the zipper, turn cushion cover right side out. I rolled the edges and gave it a good press before I put the cushion form into it.
Front of the cushion

Showing the zipper
You can stitch the backs together to insert a 16" zipper if you want. As this pillow is going on a chair, I chose a zipper the width of the cushion (18").
The second cushion cover was made in about 30 minutes as it was already cut out.

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