Friday, August 19, 2016

Making A Mess

Yesterday was another lovely summer day with a high of 32C or 90F. Today is suppose to be warmer and then hot on Saturday. This morning was cool at 13C or 55F. That is nice to feel.


Our street was busy yesterday being destroyed for new water shut off valves for the area. The fellows arrived early and worked 10 hours steady.
We park on the street behind the excavator and walk in to the house. We didn't have water for 9 hours yesterday which was a bummer. But, we have new valves and water last night. We won't have water again today, Monday and Tuesday.
Son and family are in Nova Scotia and are touring around the province. They were at Peggy's Cove yesterday and sent this picture.

Yes, our grandson is kissing the seagull but I love the scene of the buildings sitting in the water.


I started to clean out the sewing room and it is confirmed!! I have brought in more fabric than I have sewn. That has to change.
I started by cleaning out the closet as the painter wants to paint it the same colour as the room.
I was on the road to a great mess and no idea of where to put it. As I sorted and piled, I decided to put it into the living room.
I went through all the garment fabric boxes and made some decisions on it. Most of it I kept and will sew it up. A few pieces will be kept for later on -- the silk/cotton blend and a piece of lovely cotton to muslin a dress  for next summer. The rest has to be sewn up over the winter.
The next was the craft fabric and I decided to keep most of it as I did purge it way down last fall. I have a bunch of it on the cutting table to make simple items so am happy with that decision. Those went out into the living room.
Then I hit the patterns for another round. I have patterns to go and then organized the ones to keep. They are now in the living room.
I was so tired doing all that work, I had a nap. I am not finished as there is still fabric in the sewing room, books to look through, and other stuff to be put away. The garbage and recycle did get taken out.


The Spousal Unit has to go to have a biopsy done on his back and then the rest of the day will be spent cleaning up the sewing room. When done, the Spousal Unit can take down the valance over the window and fix it up. It will be nice to see it gone as it made a huge difference in the guest room.
Until tomorrow (if I'm not missing in the mess)....................

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