Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Another Project Idea

We have been having some sunny, summer weather the past few days. It is to be warmer this weekend which is great for people on vacation but bad for fires. We are drying out rapidly.


The Spousal Unit had a rough day this week. He felt off and tired. I personally think he got over heated, sweat like crazy and ended up with a bit of heat exhaustion. He is feeling much better again and is doing things in the coolness of the morning.
Our street looks like a horse trail and is very dusty. Though they water it several times a day, the dust still is floating in the air. There has been no water during the day since Monday and we expect it will continue until Friday afternoon. I will have to do laundry early and late on my days off this week.
My weight is continuing to go down hill. I have now lost 21.6 pounds and am feeling so much better. Donna, I am glad to have inspired you to join Weight Watchers. I have found that portion control and walking lots on work days have been a key element to weight loss. When I retire, I will have to either join a gym or walk 5 km every day.


McCalls 6124
I am hoping to make this shirt for my next project. I love the versatility of the pattern. Many different lengths and princess seaming. I will probably start off with View C (blue pants) and then do a couple of more lengths. Fabric is to be 100% cotton in a lovely red Santa Fe print.
I will begin cleaning up my sewing room tomorrow. I have chosen to make simple projects such as bags and one doll shirt. Most of the stuff has to be removed from the room which is a pain and I need to figure out how to store it so I can get to certain fabrics and notions. On the up side-- the room will get a good cleaning and some purging.


Is my last day of work before I get Thursday and Friday off. Thursday will be a bit of a write off as the Spousal Unit has to have a biopsy done on his back and we will have no water for clean up. I will grin and bear it.
Until the next time.........................

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