Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Starting Day On A Project

It is raining this morning. The clouds are low and all is grey and gloomy. It is suppose to clear off and be nice this afternoon but in the mean time it looks and feels like fall out there. But, the next few days are suppose to be summer temperatures.


Elliott has been very active this morning. He found his fat elastic band and was all over the place playing with it. It is his weigh in day so we will see how much he has lost. He has to continue on his diet for a few more months. The good thing -- he hasn't been as miserable as he was when we tried before.
I got all the lace discounted from one company and started on the drapery hardware. There. Is. A. Lot. Of. It. I work at a cutting table so I can help customers. When I finish this one set of discounts, I have another set to do. It feels never ending.


I am hoping to work on my store project today. The pattern needs to be traced and the fabric laundered. Once that is done, I can spend time cutting out all the pieces and put it together.
The fabric is a lumberjack plaid and soft. I am making it one size smaller so I can wear it during the winter with a black t-shirt and pants. Casual looking.
After I finish this project, I have to clean up the sewing room so the renovations can start in there. Our friends can't help until they have a house ready to lock up so we need to be ready when they can come. That means taking the sewing room apart and getting everything in its right boxes, etc. I will be able to sew until they have to work in that room. Then I can't do any sewing until they are done.


I am off work and we need to do a few things prior to me sewing. I am looking forward to having today and tomorrow off.
Until the next time....................

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