Monday, August 29, 2016

A Quick Update

Our weather cooled off for a couple of days and yesterday it got to 22.7C or 73F. We warm up for a couple of days only to get cooler and will see cool weather for the long weekend. You can tell fall is coming and we hope we have a lovely Indian Summer.


I have been focussed at work for the past 3 days. I have been redoing displays in notions and putting out new stock. It has been a lot of work but it is coming along nicely. Two more days and I hope to be just about done the area I am working in.
The Spousal Unit has been picking tomatoes and we have been eating a lot of them at lunch and dinner. He did pull a couple of carrots and they are the best we have grown. The soil he put into the boxes is loose allowing them to grow long and straight.
We actually can harvest most of the garden and we have to get some vegetables to a friend of ours.
The weight is still coming off me. I have lost 25.5 pounds to date. I was surprised when I lost 3.7 pounds this week. And, I have met my goal of losing 10% of my body weight (and more) by the end of August.


I haven't looked at my sewing for the past three days. I know the doll shirt must be finished and then it is on to sewing for others. The stack on the cutting tables is mainly for others. Grocery bags, a lunch bag, cushion covers all are waiting for me. Some are for now, others are Christmas gifts. Several weeks to get through that pile but once done, I will be a happy lady.
My next store project is going to be a longer length button up the front shirt in a cotton. I will have to measure myself and make a prototype out of some cotton I have on hand. I really don't know what size I am and how fast I will continue to loose the weight. But, I need a top or two to wear to work. I am still on a fabric diet buying only what I need to finish projects.


I work a full day and know I will be tired when I get home.
Until the next time....................

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  1. Thanks for the weather update Ann. I am coming to Kamloops tomorrow to judge a dogs how Fri and Saturday and outside shows are sometimes a challenge weather wise.
    Take care, Terry