Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Lace Finds

The weather has been a bit cooler than normal the past couple of days. We had some rain but not much. It is suppose to clear off and turn hot starting tomorrow (which could be today).


The road in front of our house has been marked and they will be starting to rip it up in the very near future. Maybe today which means I must find another place to park. We aren't complaining as it means everything will look nice when they are done.
We walked around the back yard last night. The vegetables are starting to mature as they had an early start this spring. The tomatoes need more sun to vine ripen and when they do, we will be eating vast amounts of them. The three watermelons are growing quickly though. We have a good garden this year.
I got weighed yesterday and lost 2.8 pounds in a week; more than I had expected. I am down a total of 17.8 pounds in 5 weeks. I am feeling much better and have more energy. That being said, I am tired after a long day at work as I go, go, go all day.


I spent the day discounting a lot of lace. As I sorted it out and marked it down, I put aside some that I wanted.
I saw this lace a couple of weeks ago when someone bought it. I got enough to do sew it onto a pair of pillowcases for the guest room.
I bought what little was left of this lace to use on doll dresses and skirts. It was exactly what I was looking for and I found it.
The last piece is a stretch lace with rhinestones on it for a brides outfit next June.

There is other lace that I want to get also but not for a bit. I am picky about lace and buy what I like right away.


I work today and then have 2 days off. I am looking forward to the 2 days off this week. Sewing is in the books though I need to help with some renos one morning.
Until the next time.........................

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