Sunday, August 07, 2016

A Store Project

It was slightly cooler yesterday by almost 2C and it is to be cooler for the next few days before it heats up again.


The Spousal Unit worked on the renovation in the guest room and is doing okay. His biggest issue -- seeing double when he goes to cut anything. His bad eye is getting worse.
At work, I spent two days cleaning up and organizing about 600-800 cushion covers. It is done and all is labeled. Next is discounting more items in the store.


I chose to do a project for the store for fall. Fun and different.
I don't usually choose Katherine Tilton patterns but this one kept talking to me. I chose a royal blue and black check fabric and square buttons in black. I have to start sewing it immediately so I can have it in the store on the 15th. Pictures to follow.
I tried on my fuchsia Barb pants yesterday and they are between one and two sizes too big. I will have to put those into the donation bag and make a new pair to get the fit correct. I am hoping the new Ponte will be in soon (invoice is here) so I can get some black and navy for pants. I can wear them in the fall and winter.


I am working an 8 hour shift. I get some hours by myself to do the books prior to opening the store. I do enjoy those quiet hours.
Until the next time...................

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