Thursday, September 01, 2016

A New Sewing Project

The weather has been quite nice the past few days. Even the nights have been warmer which was surprising. The unsettling part is the rain that is coming for the long weekend.


We were busy on my day off doing a variety pack of things. It was all housework related but it all needed doing. With the road being redone, there is a layer of dust on everything and I started to wipe it all off. The thought of a housecleaner raised its head once again. What I got done looks amazing so we will see after Labour Day Monday's cleaning spree.
Our little garden is still producing. We are eating tomatoes by the handful, onions when we can and will soon have to eat carrots and potatoes. Those three raised beds have been amazing this year.


The only things that got done in the sewing room were ironing, taking a tub of stabilizers out of the closet and grabbing Daughter-in-Law's birthday gift to mail.
I am still doing unselfish sewing for September along with a project for the store. The list is somewhat long but once done, I will have some gifts made and a couple of other items done.
  • lunch bag for Daughter
  • two cushion covers for Grandson (Minon)
  • reusable grocery bags for Daughter and Daughter-in-Law
  • gift bags for stocking stuffers
The store project will be a shirt in cotton.

 I am hoping it will work as I loose weight as the pattern sizes are not what I expected.


We are off to Kelowna as the Spousal Unit has a check up at the Cancer Clinic. We will do a bit of shopping (new runners) and, hopefully pick up my sewing machine.
Until the next time......................................

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