Friday, December 30, 2016

Limited Internet =Frustration

We are coming to the end of the year and it has certainly gone by quickly. 
We have limited internet at our house until January 4th. They think our fibre optic box is dying which means we get internet on our phones and iPads. No tv or internet on the computer. It is annoying as it limits me to what I can do on my blog. First and foremost no pictures. 


We are slowly getting over our colds. It was a nasty one that left us feeling horrid for 24 hours. I was worried that the Spousal Unit would get pneumonia again but he didn't. That was a bonus for  us. His immune system is stronger thanks to the IV immune boosters. 
We have been busy with getting ready for the  kitchen  and living room renovating and have spend a lot of the past two days tidying up. The top cupboards and the pantry are now scrubbed and reorganized. That was two bags of garbage out the door. The living room was cleaned up and items put into the bedroom and sewing room.  That was another bag of garbage out the door.  
The linen closet was emptied and I found the charger for my SAD therapy light. I was thrilled to find so I charged up my therapy light. I still haven't found the charger for my camera. I keep saying it could be found as we keep sorting through boxes. 
We are both finding that we love this attempt at having less in our lives. 


SWAP means sewing with a plan. I am making 11 items of clothing for two dolls that can be interchanged to give lots of outfits. I am doing it over at Stitchers Guild.  
My goal this year is to sew as much of the fabric  in my stash  as is humanly possible. Lots of the cottons  are to be made into simple items, others a bit more complicated. My stash is starting to annoy me and when I'm annoyed I feel stressed. I hope that I can set aside 30 minutes 3 nights a week to sew and then couple of hours on my days off. 
When I come to sew for myself, I will start watching the Craftsy classes I purchased and make slopers for myself.
I will also keep sewing for the dolls. I need to figure out how to store the outfits I make. I will end up selling them down the road. I want lots of outfits when I do that. 


I am trying to finish knitting a doll's scarf so I can start a new project. I have joined a KAL or knit a long to help me use up my yarn stash. My new project will be a pair of socks for Daughter in Law.  Each month we get a challenge and this month was to make something using an old pattern or old yarn. My yarn stash is such that my oldest yarns  are 6 years  old at the most. I have knit most of my older yarn prior to moving  here. 


I work the late shift so I plan on doing some housework before I go. I may get lobster bib number 3 ready to cut out. 
Please excuse any errors as I am having problems getting back to fix them. 
Until the next time........................

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  1. Anonymous6:51 AM

    Very best wishes for the coming year, I enjoy reading your posts.

    Linda (France)