Monday, December 26, 2016

A Busy Two Days Off

The temperature has cooled off some overnight but it is suppose to be warmer over the next few days.


My Christmas gift to myself was a cold and I was so nice, I gave it to the Spousal Unit. We are both feeling tired and achy from it.
We did have a lovely Christmas day. We did Skype with family in Nova Scotia and opened our gifts in front of each other. That was a lot of fun. We had Christmas afternoon and evening with Daughter and Son-in-Law's family. Thirteen of us sat down for dinner. We had a lot of laughs and enjoyed it very much.
December 24 was spent cleaning up the dust in the bathroom and getting it ready to use.
From there I cleaned up our bedroom. I washed the floor on my hands and knees and wiped it down. It was the only way to get all the corners cleaned up.
Yes, Elliott is sleeping under the blanket
I don't have anything new out as there will be more dust and I am keeping them free of it.
Lastly, I started washing the floor in the sewing room and we set up the Wi-Fi on the shelving unit. As a result, we have no TV and, at times, no internet. I have to call for help as all I did was take out one cord and replaced it in its spot.
On Christmas morning, I started cleaning up the kitchen. I moved three top cupboards around and scrubbed them clean including most of the crown moulding. I need to scrub the pantry and the rest of the crown moulding. Once the base cupboards are empty, we are ready for the kitchen to be renovated. Those two days resulted in 2 bags of garbage taken to the bin.


I have looked at the sewing stuff in the basement and know I need to purge. My head cold has kept me from thinking through the process of how and why. The Spousal Unit can hang the shelves for me now the closet is clean.
I keep looking at what I have to sew and the list is getting longer. But, once we load up the room, I will start sewing again. Most are simple projects that I should be able to whiz through.


Son, Daughter-in-Law, and Grandson subscribed me to a yarn group called Yarn Box. I got the first two skeins of yarn on December 23. It is the lovely mossy green yarn I spoke of in the last post.

I started the doll's Sagittaria Crocheted Cowl this morning. I have the first four rows done and am looking forward to watching it progress this evening. I  have to make two of them for the doll's SWAP.


I am working and then will crochet this evening. I am trying hard to get over this cold and would like it gone asap.
Until the next time........................

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  1. I really like your gray and white color scheme. It's soothing and fresh. And, how does the doll swap work?