Sunday, December 11, 2016

Snow, Cold, and Decor Ideas

It is snowing again and is suppose to snow most of the day. When it stops, we will have sunshine and colder weather. At the moment, we are continuing to have cold weather for the next week.


No work was done yesterday by the contractors. The Spousal Unit did a bit of work in the living room after he shovelled snow off the driveway. His job again today-- shovelling more snow.
My diet has been off lately due to the cold weather and the stress of renovating. I find that I do not enjoy the mess, dirt, and dust that comes with renovating. It sets my nerves on edge. I also find that I am on edge not having control of the situation. I am surviving but it is hard especially when I have to make snap decisions. We won't talk about the dust and dirt and how it makes me feel.
This winter, I have felt the cold more so than other years. I am trying to drink more hot liquids to keep me warm but I still am cold.
At work I am discounting rolls of drapery. It means that I handle almost every roll in one section. I call it my arm and shoulder workout. It is neat to see all the drapery and upholstery fabric (high end stuff) and every once in a while I find something I like.
But, there was a piece of fabric from the lower end drapery fabric that caught my eye. I loved the blues in the flowers but wasn't sure of the back ground colour. I don't like yellow tan.
I brought home a piece we found in the freebie box and put it against the bathroom wall. I like it but still how will it work in our bedroom for cushions on the bed. Was mulling it around when I discovered a roll in the section I was working on.
The background is the same colour as the walls which is the weak point of the fabric. I would have liked it lighter. But the white and denim blues were perfect for our bedroom. I really can see this as pillows on our bed with white bedding. Ideas are mulling in my head on how to do our bedroom. We will see what rolls I pull today that can go with that fabric or even replace it.


The sewing machine and iron are set up and ready for me to sew/embroider. No picture but I promise I will be taking pictures as I sew and sort down in that space. My evening spot for the next few days.
The chandelier I like has halogen bulbs so now I need to see if I can replace them with LED bulbs. If not, I will have to look for another light fixture.


I am working and hope to sew tonight. Everything is ready for me to get busy.
Until the next time.......................

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