Monday, December 12, 2016

One Bag of Garbage

We had a good snow storm yesterday with 7 cm or 3" of snow. We have about 4.5" of snow on the ground now. The temperature warmed up yesterday but it is going to be cold for the next few days. The temperature isn't bad, it is the wind that makes it really cold.


I finished up discounting the drapery rolls in my section and it is looking neat and tidy. I didn't find any more fabric I liked so will be getting the one I did find to make two pillows for our bedroom. And, I found the duvet covers for the bedrooms and a shower curtain; all discounted. We are moving ahead.
The Spousal Unit finds out the time of his cataract surgery on Thursday. He starts his drops tomorrow in preparation. He is looking forward to having both eyes done. His Christmas present this year he said.


After supper, I headed down to the basement and turned on the fireplace. As the embroidery machine did the next gift, I hauled over the tower of drawers and tidied it up. I took out a small garbage bag full of stuff I no longer use or need. Most of it was worthless stuff I had collected. Now the likes are together and I am happy. Next is to grab something else and sort through it. I'll take a picture before I start sorting tonight.


I am working a full shift and will probably clean up notions. Tonight I will be doing one more gift and sorting through more of my sewing room stuff. I am enjoying the process now that I have started.
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