Saturday, December 03, 2016

Doll Dresses Done

We are starting to have some cooler weather -- actually it is suppose to get down to -13C or 9F on Tuesday night. The heater in the car is not working so it will become a priority to get it fixed as quickly as possible.


We were up at just after 4 a.m. to put our Daughter-in-Law and Grandson on the plane to Nova Scotia. We had a great visit with them for five days and now they need to be together as a family. We will be going out there in the fall to visit with them and explore Nova Scotia.
The bathroom is coming along nicely and could be painted today. That will be exciting and we will see if I like the colour we chose.


I spent yesterday trying to get the doll dresses done and I did succeed.
The doll in the red dress is from Sears and she is shorter than the one from Walmart by a good inch. I will only be buying the dolls from Walmart.
With their jackets over their shoulders.
I also set up the embroidery machine and started making Kleenex holders. I have one made and one in the garbage.
I am using up linen I had in the stash.


I work and then hope to make another Kleenex holder tonight. I have to sit in the room to make sure the opening doesn't get stitched closed.
Until the next time....................

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