Monday, December 05, 2016

It's Cold Out There

It is cold here with the temperature saying -8C or 18F at 6 a.m. It was warmer yesterday and an inch of snow fell in an hour and then it was sunny. The sign colder weather was arriving.


We put Daughter-in-Law and Grandson on the plane early Saturday morning. We were sad to see them go but they are together as a family starting their adventure in Nova Scotia.
Elliott has discovered he loves to play on the plastic covering the floors. It makes noise and the more noise at 5 a.m. the better. This morning he played with his big elastic band on the plastic and drove us crazy. He lost weight (300 grams or 1/3 pound) in the last two months so activity will help him continue loosing.
The Spousal Unit has the valance off the window wall in the living room. It makes the room look fabulous. He has to remove the wood and prepare it for the crown moulding.
I had hoped the bathroom would be painted yesterday but it wasn't. It will be done today. Looking forward to having a new bathroom.


As I was tired on Saturday night, the Kleenex holder I made was turfed into the garbage. I didn't sit and watch it and the stitching stitched the opening closed. So I begin again today making a bunch of them and watching to make sure all goes well.
While the embroidery machine is working, I will clean up my sewing room and put items in the basement. I am storing it all down there until after it is painted. I do have to sew to get Christmas gifts done so it is going to be interesting how I will have to dance to the painter's tune.


I am off work and embroidering, cleaning, and getting a few other things done.
Until the next time..........................

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