Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Progress in Small Steps

Though the low got to -20.5C or -5F during the night, it is warmer this morning at -17C or 1F. The trend is suppose to be warmer by the weekend with it getting to 0C or 32F on Monday.


The Spousal Unit is getting ready for his second cataract surgery tomorrow. Eye drops four times a day in preparation. Then on Friday he has his IV immune booster.
Our friend is getting close to putting plastic on the walls and then spray painting the ceilings in part of the house. Then the walls can be painted. So looking forward to that.
I am still feeling cold and like a slug so sewing and sorting at night has not been done. I did head down stairs yesterday morning and grabbed two baskets, dumped the contents out and put my winter gloves, scarf and toque in one and other one is for the Spousal Units winter items.
They will sit on the shelf in the front hall closet. That little clean and sort resulted in several items going into the trash bag, one item gifted, and one item put in the basket to be set up when the house is done.
The fabric item in one of the baskets is a perpetual calendar I made 8 years ago and used in our last house. It doesn't go in this house so I gifted it to the manager where I work. It goes in her house perfectly.
I love it when I can gift something I don't need.


At work, we have to do a quilt block for Canada's 150th birthday. We drew to see which province we had to do. I got Ontario. After some research I decided to do loons, the Canadian Shield, sky, and a tree. We actually found all the fabric yesterday.


It is day 5 of working and I am hoping to get more done in notions. I could be done what I planned on doing which will be great. Tonight I have to sew, no excuses. I am behind.
Until the next time.....................

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