Sunday, December 18, 2016

Simple Sewing Ideas

The temperature is -12C or 10F. A lot warmer than yesterday when the coldest temperature was -21C or -6F. We had over an inch of snow fall since yesterday and it is going to be a mess starting Monday when the temperature hovers near freezing.


The Spousal Unit had his second cataract surgery done on Thursday and all went well. His vision is improving daily and he sees the doctor again on Jan. 3. On Friday, he went in for his IV immune booster. He is appointment free until Jan. 3 and happy about that. 
Friday night I was worn out. I had hit the exhaustion level as I have been on the run now for a year. I did nothing after supper but read and slept. It was better than snapping heads off.
The bedroom half of the house is ready to have the ceilings painted and the second coat of paint on the walls. I am pretty certain the kitchen will be taken apart before Christmas. I feel it in my bones.
I have been cleaning up the notions and yesterday the job was finished. As one girl cleaned up the laces, I washed down cutting tables, shelving units and organized items. It was a big job but it looks great now.


The sewing room has its first coat of paint on and then skim coated to remove the imperfections.
I am thinking of how this room will look when finished. So far it is making me happy.
I got the gifts done for my co-workers and am happy with them. They are time consuming though.
I did not get all the lobster sewing done. I did not have the time or the energy to do it. It will be done though as I want to get it off to Nova Scotia in January.
I found this lovely mug rug and want to make some of them also. They will use up some of the Christmas fabric I have.
I will do a tutorial on them later as I have to guess at the size. I found one clue to help me out.
I am slowly working my way through the sewing room stash. I put all the notions that I use regularly into beige baskets. Then I turned my attention to the fleece I have. One piece is ready to be wrapped -- a blanket for Daughter's dogs. I trimmed it up evenly and removed the selvage. The second panel has been started which is a blanket for Daughter to put in the living quarters of her horse trailer. The other pieces have been folded for the closet. Two pieces are for vests for Grandson, one piece will be pillows for the living room and the other three pieces will be turned into adult vests; one for me and one for Son-in-Law.
My goal is to put together my ideas for the fabric and sew. Many projects will be simple ones, others will be a bit more complicated. I want to sew down the stash as it is annoying me. I want to move on with my sewing.


It is day two of five working days for me. I am in early to do the books and then open the store and figure out what we will do. The store is looking clean and organized though we need to keep it looking that way.
Until the next time.....................

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