Wednesday, January 04, 2017

It's Cold Again

We are having cold weather again after a good snow fall. The only positive thing has been watching the crescent moon and Venus.  I haven't seen Mars but they say it is visible. The downside is I'm cold all the time.


We are actually surviving with internet on one iPad. We share it during the day to get caught up on our sites. We do miss TV in the evenings though but I am reading books and the Spousal Unit is doing word puzzles.
The Spousal Unit had his last visit with the eye surgeon this afternoon. The surgery was a success and he can see the optometrist at the end of the month for glasses. He is thrilled to have this done.
I am back on my diet and am feeling better with my carb count under control. My energy is coming back which is nice. I was tired from trying to get Christmas gifts done and eating too much high carb foods. 


I have the third lobster bib finished and only 5 left to go. I am pleased with how they look. 
I cut out a pair of doll jeans and got the front pockets done. They are done like human jeans. The back pockets have been attached and the rhinestones put on them. They are really cute and I can hardly wait to show them to you.


I spent time this morning sorting through my yarn. I now have them sorted by weight. Sock weight in one tub, worsted in another and DK in a third. Books, patterns and miscellaneous items are in three tubs. All the tubs are upstairs and in thestand.  I was happy to have that job done and it is part of the stash. A few small balls of yarn went into the garbage and a few skeins went into the thrift shop box.
The socks are progressing well and I have 40 rounds knit. Twenty more rounds and I start sock #2. 
I am off work for two more days. We hope to have our internet back tomorrow and I hope to have a post with pictures in it.
Until the next time.............

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