Friday, December 02, 2016

Family Fun

It is snowing this morning and we have a small amount on the ground. It will probably be gone by day's end.


We have been enjoying having our Daughter-in-Law and Grandson visiting us. We have had fun with the house renovations. First we did paint samples.
We put these colours up in three areas of the house and made our decision. It may change as I am waiting to see what it looks like in the bathroom.
The second thing we did was to look for cupboard doors to match the rest of the kitchen. Store # 4 and we lucked out. The kitchen reno will be less than we thought. Yes!!
Grandson has become quite the reader and I caught him and the Spousal Unit reading one afternoon.

I was to the doctor's yesterday and my blood pressure is 128/64 and am off my blood pressure medication for good and will be checked in January. That is another goal checked off my list. I am excited.


I snuck into the sewing room and finished the doll's dress to the snaps.
Next is the red dress and then onto Christmas gifts.


The socks are ready to have the toes grafted together. One evening and I will be done them.


I need to get a few groceries and work on the red dress for the second doll. I need to get the dolls into the store.

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