Saturday, December 10, 2016

An Empty Sewing Room

It is still cold in our neck of the woods. We had a low of -14.7C or 5.5F and a high of -9.2 or 15F. There is a wind or draft and it snowed last night. This is to continue for the next week and maybe longer.


I had yesterday off work and spent all day running around getting things we need for the renovation or for personal use as I start work for 5 days today.
The bedroom/hall half of the house is ready to paint except for the hall closet opening. It needs to be made wider and I am sure it will happen this coming week while I am at work.
We have pot lights in kitchen/dining area of the house and we need three more put in to finish that area up. Next will be the living room.
Though we have been renovating for less than a month, I am tired of the mess. I am looking forward to organizing the household when all this is done.


The sewing room is empty and the floor has been washed. It seems funny to have everything downstairs.
All of the Wi-Fi is in a tub and will be sealed with plastic while the room is being skim coated and sanded. Once again, it will be stored in the shelving unit in the corner.   
 The closet will have the shelving unit put back in and I do hope there will be less fabric, books, etc. on the shelves. I will be sorting my stuff while embroidering downstairs. This closet will have doors.
 Where the ironing board goes and there will be a new door.
Where the cutting table will go. I plan on getting new blinds for the window (as I will be doing for the whole house).
While getting renovation items, I did look at chandeliers and found one I liked. I will get it next month if it meets my light bulb standard (LED and daylight). If not, I will be looking for something else.


I work all day and I do hope that I can set up my sewing machine in the basement and start sorting out my sewing stuff. I need to get it organized prior to it going back into the sewing room.
Until the next time..............................

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