Thursday, December 08, 2016

Plans Are Progressing

It remains cold here in our neck of the woods. I will drive warm today as the heater is fixed in the car. So happy for that as it will remain cold (near 0F) for the next week.


The bathroom is coming along and is looking lovely. A row of subway tile has been put around the tub and the trim and baseboard is on. Pictures when it is done.
We had our staff dinner last night and it was fun. The food was good and the conversation lively.


The sewing room will be dismantled starting today and I will be sewing in the basement until the room is done. I am looking forward to having the room spruced up. I will be going through all my stuff to organize it and I may purge some of it.
I have been looking at the Vivienne Files Twelve Months, 12 Outfits and love the red, black and royal blue capsule. It speaks to be more than her other colour choices. I can see how I can make it my own and enjoy wearing all the pieces I will make or buy. Even my favourite blue jeans will look good in the mix.


I have the early shift and will be home in good time. I expect I will be hauling some of my sewing room items to the basement tonight and tomorrow.
Until the next time...............................

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