Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Less Is More is Back In Our Lives

It is -1C or 30F this morning and the temperature is to get to 0C or 32F. We are to have flurries again today.


I worked yesterday but felt like I was just there. I have a nasty cold and it was my worst feeling day. I did work on the notions (help from a co-worker) after I did the Sunday books. I survived and made it home to rest.
The cold has settled in my chest so I know it is going to take a while to get over it. My body was fighting it but exhaustion caused the cold to win.
Though slowed down with colds, the Spousal Unit and I are trying to get the house back to normal and seem to be focused on the less is more theme again. We celebrate every time we take a bag of garbage out to the bin.


The Spousal Unit got all the shelves in but one. I think the bottom one is not level so will have to show him that.
I have to remind myself as I fill those shelves, that less is more.
I plan on laying out projects to sew and work through them. I am not buying much in the line of fabric so I can get what I have down to a small amount. I need to stay focused on the plan.


I started the doll's cowl and am doing the collar now. It could have been finished last night but I was tired and not focusing very well. Hopefully tonight. I have a second one to make.


I work the early shift and then will be off for two days. Those two days off are fully planned with cleaning and a bit of sewing. My goal is to finish cleaning the upper cabinets in the kitchen and wash the floors in the sewing and spare bedrooms.
Until the next time............................

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