Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Sewing Room is Progressing

It is cool out there still. We are having lows around -19C or -2F. The wind has changed from the west (cold weather coming) to the east (we could warm up soon). This morning, the temperature is -16C or 3.2F up 5F since 2 a.m.


We see that Nova Scotia had snow and our grandson is enjoying it very much. He has hills to sled on; a first for him.
Mom and Dad aren't so thrilled as they have a lot of driveway to shovel.
We now have 9 pot lights in the kitchen/dining area of the house and 4 of the 6 have been put in the living room. You can certainly see all the dirt and dust but we can read without eye strain.
The mess of everything continues to stress me but I know it is useless to keep everything clean. I learned last night that the kitchen will be dismantled soon. That means I have to move our kitchen downstairs. The part that juts out towards the table will be removed and the cupboards will be put against the wall to open up the area more. The floor will be tiled, back splash put on and the ceilings and walls painted.


The sewing room has officially had its first coat of mud put on the walls to smooth them up. Our friend thinks they painted the walls with a cheap brush there are so many lines on the wall.
The area will be sanded and another coat put on to make sure all is smooth.
Once the room is sanded, our friends can finish up the hall closet/ Then the walls in the three rooms and the hall will be draped with plastic and the ceilings spray painted. After that, the walls can be painted.
I didn't sew last night as we had to go out for a bit but I did take pictures.
I do have a lot to sort out but it isn't as much as the last time.
Both times we have moved the sewing room to the basement, I have literally had to pull everything down there in a hurry with no organization. I really hate that.
I hope tonight I can get down there and sew and sort. It would be nice to get a few things done.


I am working today and will be in the notions part of the day. Tonight I would love to sew and sort.
Until the next time....................................

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