Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Moving Along With Renos

It is warmer out this morning with temperatures just below freezing. It also snowed last night which is not exciting as the roads will be slippery. Such is life with this weather.


Renovations are continuing in the house. The bedroom walls are now covered with plastic ready for the ceilings to be painted today.
That is the sewing room with the walls clad in plastic.
The closet and entry doors have been installed and they look great.
Yes they are also clad in plastic and will be painted later.
It will be so nice to have the bedrooms done but I must be patient.
Yesterday, the Spousal Unit noticed water in the snow by the road. He called the city to report it and thought it was caused by a water leak. In no time flat, there were 7 or 8 vehicles, a back hoe, and a pumper truck at our place. Yes, there is a water leak and it has to be repaired.
While talking to the city workers, he found out the value of our house has gone up by quite a bit, the entry to our rental unit is fabulous, and they loved our small front porch. Our rental unit is a mother-in-law suite (not legal like many, many others in our city) but we won't have a problem getting it legal when ever the city decides to open the door to that process. There will be literally thousands of applications to be gone through and units inspected for safety and parking. There are very few places to rent in this community. We will be renting ours out again in February.


I have not done anything in the basement. I do have a fleece throw to finish up. Once done, I will get back to sorting more stuff in that room.
The cabinet that stores my sewing has green fabric baskets in it. I have decided to take them to the store for display and buy linen coloured ones. That way I can decorate the room with a splash of colour.


Is day 4 of working and then I get a day off. I will keep busy at work today and my day off will be busy getting items for the renovation and then doing a bit of Christmas sewing.
Until the next time.......................

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