Friday, February 01, 2019

T-shirt Failure

Yesterday we were under a snow squall watch and watch we did. At one point, we said snow storm. Very little snow was on the ground due to the wind blowing. I think the only snow to remain was from the worst squall we had. This morning, there is snow on the ground from a "squall" that went through last night just because we are still under the snow squall watch. In actual fact, we are at the edge of the polar vortex which is causing us to have this kind of weather. 


Elliott showing his sweet side. He's been in a biting mood lately due to the weather. 
Yesterday morning I knit at family's house while the housekeepers were there. It was a productive time. At home I did some minor housework, not a lot but some. 


I continue to eat well and track what I eat. I'm using the app more to earn points for prizes though I only like the journal the best but will save up for the USB power bank at this time. 


No sewing yesterday as I wanted to finish up some knitting. I'm going down to sew today as I really need to work on a couple of items. It's time to think of a sewing theme for the dolls. 
I did try on my grey t-shirt that I made. It is too big and fits me weirdly. 
  • The front neckline is too low and needs to be taken in at least one size for 3" down the center front. 
  • The back too square and it also needs to be taken in down the center back by one size.
  • The shoulder seams are too narrow for my broad shoulders and I would have to add an inch to them at the neckline. It would help raise the center front up.
  • I added too much under the arms which is the easiest fix of all. 
It needs way too many adjustments to fit properly. I'm just not sure that I want to that many adjustments on a simple t-shirt to get a TNT pattern. I will try it again when I have lost more weight.
I have another pattern out and will lengthen the sleeves on it to 3/4 length. I will test it out to see if it will be a TNT pattern. I do have to sit down and read the instruction sheet as it has some good information in it for adjustments. 


I finished the black hat and wove in the yarn ends on all the hats. Ready to mail this afternoon. 
I have the doll's jacket ready to knit the body and then I can sew up the sleeves, put on a button, and photograph it for the tester. Then it's back to my scarf. 


Housework in the morning and sewing in the afternoon. I hope to finish up the doll's knit jacket tonight. A busy day but it's too cold to do things outside. 
Until the next time............................

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  1. I LOVE the Pamela's Perfect Tee Shirt. It gives lots of fitting options and I find it the most flattering on most women I've seen wearing it. Good luck!