Saturday, February 16, 2019

Projects Done and New Project on the Table

We have gone from 6-8" of snow on Wednesday to rain this morning. We woke up to 8C and a lot of the snow has melted. Not all of it but quite a bit. The ditch is running quite well so I'm sure a few boys will enjoy playing in it today. 


On Thursday I headed out with the masses to get my blood work done for my thyroid. I see the doctor on Wednesday for the results. 
It was shopping day yesterday. Daughter-in-law and I headed to the city to do our run together. It was a fun day as we weren't rushed. We did a lot of wandering around looking for clothing. I did find a new zip up hoodie to replace my worn out one. 


We didn't have weigh in this week so I am slugging away at eating properly and tracking activities. I even went out and shoveled snow -- the worst part of the driveway was mine. It was deep, packed, and heavy going but I got it done. 


I did the second collar for the dress and it is equally as cute. 
With that done, I put the pattern away claiming it a success. 
I spent two part days working on grandson's fleece blanket and completed it. I have set up the western shirt to sew next and will look to see if I have something to start for the dolls. 


I finished knitting the doll's sweater. The pattern matches the pink dress I knit. 

I used Premiere Fable yarn from the stash to make this sweater. I have now used Astra, Paton's DK wool, and this one and they have all knit to the same tension. Very happy and will make it again. 
I have been working on grandson's socks. The technique I am learning is to have no jump when I change colors. When you start the first row of color you continue on as before. When you start the second row, you slip the first stitch and proceed. After that you knit or purl every stitch. Works perfectly. 
At this point, I have done 60 rows and have 15 or 20 rows left to go. Then I cast on the second sock which will be reverse to this one and knit it to the heel flap. My crazy way of knitting socks.


I will be doing some housework and then working on the western shirt. I will pin and cut out and then start making the piping. I'm looking forward to making this shirt. I also have to work on my Design book and get it caught up to date. I'm pretty much on track with the lessons but needed pictures for the book. I got them yesterday. I may look for a magazine when I go shopping later next week. 
Until the next time..............................

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