Saturday, February 09, 2019

Inspiration and Focus

While yesterday got to 7C, today the temperature will get to -7C. Not only is it cool, but there is a biting wind blowing with gusts. A good day to be close to home. 


Yesterday morning, I did a bit of housework before heading downstairs to the sewing room. I was on a mission. In the afternoon we headed out to get apples and I needed a piece of fabric for a project. 
We did go to the library and Elliott was very keen on the book the Spousal Unit brought home with him. 
He must have smelled another cat on it as he spent quite some time smelling it. 


We are both eating quite healthy and I am doing more measuring and weighing of what I eat. I have eaten with in the healthy eating zone for nearly a month now. It is paying off. 


Yesterday I went through all the doll's fabric. There are some nice pieces in the mix but some are orphans. Those I will try to make into dresses for sale. Simple easy items that don't cost a lot. Some pieces need something to go with them to make an outfit. Others are complete for outfits. And I found a piece of fabric I thought I had lost. I have decided to keep all the fabric and will sort it more over the next few days to complete outfits, needs fabric to go with it and what I'll make that's quick and easy. 
I also cut out a doll's dress from the Edwardian era from a favorite designer. The trip to the fabric store was to get a piece to go with it as I am testing a collar to put on it. I now have all the fabric and the button for the loop. 
I have a favorite designer of doll clothes. She lives here in Nova Scotia. I have not personally met her. I decided to study her doll clothes for inspiration while I am doing Design Academy. When I look at outfits like the above one, I become inspired by how she incorporates so many elements of design into one piece of clothing. The other thing I picked up was to get out my bias makers and use them on the doll's dress I am making. Looking at her pictures will help me get through Design Academy. What I learn here, I want to take with me to sewing adult sized clothing. It's not hard, I just have to have focus and inspiration. 


I am still knitting on my scarf. I get between 2 and 4 rows done a night. I still need to set up the second project. Yarn is out and I need to get the needles out.
I finished up the denim sweater but only got one picture taken. I hope to do more today as it isn't dark outside. 


We are doing a bit of shopping locally to get us through the week. I will be sewing on the doll's dress trying out some new techniques while testing the collar. Knitting will be the scarf and I do hope to set up the next project. Housework will be minimal for today. 
Until the next time.......................

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