Monday, February 11, 2019

Sunshine and Grass Yarn

Our weather has been cold, not brutal like other parts of Canada, but cold. Add in the wind and we are enjoying wind chills as cold as -20C. We have a storm coming in with snow, ice pellets, freezing rain, and rain prior to it warming up for a couple of days. 


The house is almost clean with the rest being done today. I keep going around and around and around doing things and it is staying cleaner. 
Yesterday, I baked herb buns and the consensus was awesome. Here they are before going into the oven to bake. 
A delivery was made to go with soup for lunch. 


I have been eating well but my weight has stalled. It went down some more and then went up a bit. I'm sure my body is trying to balance itself from the big weight loss on Wednesday. 
My hip has been sore from the weather system coming in. It will settle down in the next 48 hours. It is part of me that has happened for years. 


I have been slowly making the dress so I can test a collar that goes with it. It has been fun to try out a few new techniques. I did use the 3/8" bias maker for the trim on the sleeves. It took a couple of tries to get it right. I also did some sewing of tiny pieces using paper scraps under them. It worked as it held the pieces in place while sewing. 
I am ready to pleat the skirt and add it to the bodice and upper skirt. 
Though this dress will have snaps on the back, I am planning on practicing small button holes. It is something I want to perfect. 
I have been looking at doll outfits for harmony. What I think goes well together may not be what others think. It comes down to personal preference. I plan on working on harmony using up some of my orphan fabrics I bought for the dolls. I can use rick rack, ribbon, lace, and other items to make simple but cute items for the dolls. My favorite designer is still my inspiration to help me achieve harmony. 


Grandson's socks are cast on and they remind me of sunshine and green grass. 
I have to set aside these as I have another pattern to test. It goes with the last one I did. I wonder how it will work for the Gotz girls. Hopefully it will. 


I have some housework to do and then sew on the doll's dress. I'd like to finish it but that remains to be seen. I know I won't be rushing as I want this to be a nice outfit. 

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