Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Snowfall = Sewing

It is snowing and blowing out and has been since 4 a.m. The system came in but not as quickly as they thought. The snow is turn to snow pellets and then to freezing rain this afternoon. It's going to be an inside day with a lot of business closed. 


With the storm coming, I went out and did some shopping yesterday morning. This was what yesterday looked like. 


I have made good choices this week keeping my points to where they should be at each meal. The scales at home are down but it is the scales at the meeting that count. I have a feeling our meeting is cancelled due to the weather conditions. Not updated on the internet yet. I may have to wait another week to find out how I have done. 


I was busy with the doll's outfit yesterday. I had ended Sunday with the dress completed but no buttons on the front.  
It was lacking a focal point. Buttons went on and it looked much better. 
Yesterday, I started out the day sweating over button holes. I got them made and buttons put on the back.  I made the first of two collars for this outfit. It really makes the outfit in my opinion. 
Side view and you can just see the buttons. 
And a close up. I have to change the button on the little pull/tab so the hole are going the same direction as the buttons on the dress. 


I worked on the doll's sweater, got the sleeves knit and it joined. I also got 6 rows of pattern done. It is another nice pattern and a great one to go with the dress and sweater/jacket I made. 


I want to make the second collar for the dress and begin working on grandson's blanket. A big stew is cooking in the crock pot.
Until the next time ..............

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