Saturday, February 17, 2018

Miniature Infinity Scarf

After a couple of lovely sunny warm days, yesterday got progressively darker and it rained. Not a lot of rain but rain. We had a bit of snow overnight and it is gone this morning. It is cool at -8C or 17F this morning and it is suppose to be cool all day. One nice thing -- it is suppose to be sunny. 


I had to get gas for the car as the low fuel sign was on. We are getting over 600 km on a tank of gas. We love our Niro. Once I got gas, I had a few things to do around town and then at home I did the laundry. 
The Spousal Unit has been busy putting away his tools in the garage and taking items up to the shed. He has been very happy while doing everything. Plus, he is getting his muscles toned up. 


I spent some time in the sewing room. I hauled out all the doll's fabric and put together some ideas for the dolls. The first one goes with this mood board. 
The colors are not the same but the idea is; soft colors. 
The bottom piece is for leggings the prints are for tops and a dress and the two solid pieces are for jeans. I was excited when I saw these pieces in the stash and remember buying them at deep discounted prices. The buttons are butterflies and were deeply discounted and there is one for each doll. 
I also found a tiny rayon plaid when going through the fabric and inside of it was a half meter of Cluny lace. I found this tutorial to make a doll's infinity scarf. What I did and would do differently:

  • Cut the fabric longer -- 28-30" 
  • I put the first piece of lace 16" from one end and sewed it down. 
  • Second piece of lace was added after I sewed the two ends together. 
  • I hand sewed the seam together at the end. 
  • Seam was pressed to the middle of the back rather than at the edge. 
I had fun doing this quick and easy project on a rainy afternoon. Plus there is enough of the plaid left over to make Anna a skirt. 


I knit 10 rows on sock #1 and put it aside to try on Grandson. I also knit on sock #2 and hope to have it at the same stage as sock #1 by the end of the weekend. I am looking forward to having them done as I have been knitting on them for 3 weeks now.
Next up on the needles will be Kate's sweaters and then more socks for Grandson. 
The first pair will be green with yellow ribbing at the top and the heels and toes done in yellow. The second pair will be reverse. This yarn is delightful to knit with. 


We need to get groceries and then I will get the cutting table ready to make Grandson a no sew fleece blanket. That will be 3 meters out of the stash. 

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